Bachelors’ Penthouse

For some people, interior design and decorating the home is an enjoyable process which they can happily fill their weekends with. For others, it is not! A lot of us have neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours searching through websites for an item of a specific design, in a colour which we have never heard of, which all come in a variety of tones and shades which we simply cannot tell apart. In these instances, we want to put our faith in people who understand these things. Essentially, we really want the ambience of a home with style and character which we can show to the world without hesitation, but we don’t want to sacrifice countless hours making style and interior design decisions. Luckily, we don’t have to. If you feel like you too are someone who wants the finished look with all its flair but you wouldn’t know where to begin, then Hex luxury items can help you get there.

Hex luxury shagreen accessories will complement almost any interior and they combine the very best of traditional quality and contemporary style. They project old-school sophistication with a modern and fresh design which is sure to charm any guest to your home. If you are young then it is never too early to start living like a proper gent. And if you have already reached a worldly and dignified stage in life, then this is definitely for you! Luxury shagreen accessories are a wonderful way to enhance your home with a touch of class and timeless appeal. It would be a shame to have beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and decorative items in your house if the effect was then spoiled with cheap and tacky accessories. You want to present the best side of your home and a small touch of quality can go a long way.

Inviting guests over for drinks is a significant part of hospitality. Whether entertaining a group of friends for a small party or a single guest who you wish to get to know better, there are certain accessories which project style to any visitors, but without all the hassle of providing a five-course dinner. A simple selection of luxury items by Hex provides a combination of modern sophistication and old-world charm which is bound to impress. Shagreen and brass are materials which have both achieved this throughout the ages and they have now been beautifully integrated into new and contemporary designs by Hex luxury shagreen accessories.

Ring stains from carelessly placed drinks don’t have to blight any table or surface in your home and if you are the owner of a beautiful table then you will certainly want to avoid this. Hex luxury shagreen accessories provide the most attractive faux shagreen drinks tray and drinks coasters which will sit beautifully in any location. The clean and understated design projects sophistication and the neutral colours will complement almost any surroundings. Shagreen was traditionally made from shark skin or horse hide and had the advantage of providing grip to any surface that required it. These days the faux shagreen alternative has increasingly displaced the traditional method but it actually has the added advantages of being more cost effective as well as durable. And yet still, it retains all of the practical advantages of grip which are especially important for items such as these. There is considerably less danger of the drinks slipping and falling from the shagreen luxury tray and coasters than from the kind of plastic or lacquered surface that so many commercial trays and coasters are often made from.

Added to this is the lustre and warmth provided by the genuine brass edges that adorn all of our luxury shagreen accessories. The traditional sophistication which brass gives to any location also increases its appeal and its quality as the material fits perfectly with the smooth contoured edges of the drinks tray and coasters. As well as the standard square shape, the coasters also come in a hexagonal shape which is most pleasing to the eye. A crystal decanter of your favourite drink will look completely at home when resting on a luxury shagreen drinks tray and this modern spin on old-fashioned style will make all of your guests feel completely relaxed and at home in your home.

Clichés are often irritating but often they are so very true, and your home really does say great deal about you. It tells every guest not just about the person that you are but the person that you are on your way to being. It is uncharitable to say that this is simply about showing off or being overly image conscious, it is about giving quality to your home and communicating to respected guests that you are a person who understands quality and style. And, let’s face it: at the end of a long day there are few feelings better than sitting back with your drink of choice in a comfortable but chic living environment! Allow Hex luxury items to help you get there with the finest in faux shagreen accessories that add style and luxury to any home.