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It is entirely proper for luxury home accessories to be simple and they do not have to involve excessive and showy consumption. They don’t always demand attention, but they will still be noticed nonetheless for the style they project.

They sit well in any environment and allow their chic and superior quality to show naturally throughout the home. A room that is filled with elaborate and overly extravagant items soon loses the charm and sophistication which were originally intended, so for simple elegance, Hex Luxury items and shagreen accessories are the ideal choice.

Hex Luxury items make a powerful statement in any home and are beautifully crafted using the finest faux shagreen and adorned with genuine brass. The neutrally coloured shagreen texture goes well in many locations with many different items so you won’t need to worry about any style clash.

The superior quality of these shagreen accessories is clear when compared with other similarly priced products on the market and you will be left in no doubt of their worth when you select these luxury items for your home.
Some people are blessed with an eye for interior design and house arrangements and they face no trouble choosing items which are perfectly suited to their home.
For the rest of us the task is not so easy. Anyone looking to adapt or refurbish their living environment can sometimes be overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin. Choices of colour patterns and styles for various items or locationscan become complicated when their suitability depends on how well they fit with all the other choices to be made which also need to be chosen! It soon becomes quite difficult for anybody who isn’t an enthusiast for interior design, but fortunately there are solutions.

One rather obvious home design hack is to choose items which are certain to enhance any room of the house where they are placed as well as go well with any other style choices.
The timeless quality of these Hex Luxury items is apparent in their appearance but they are still made in a modern style which puts a contemporary spin on traditional elegance. It is not just their look however but their feel and utility which places them ahead of the alternatives. Often the standard of an interior can be found in the items which don’t immediately meet the eye but quality matters. The shagreen accessories that Hex Luxury provides have a distinctly practical element as well. The choice of the shagreen texture is in keeping with a choice going back hundreds of years where shagreen was selected for reasons of grip and supple toughness which is still soft to the touch. The faux shagreen used today has all of those advantages as well as added durability and a lower price. The richly attractive brass which is also used for these items has the advantage of being highly durable and, unknown to many, brass even has anti microbial properties. Something which is especially useful for items used in the serving of food and drink!

And in terms of entertaining, the range of products on offer signify quality to any guests and their sumptuous style gives them an ornamental value as well. Drinks made for welcome guests will take the journey from kitchen to living room on an exquisite shagreen drinks tray, to be placed on matching and equally lovely shagreen coasters. These items are appealing both for the quality of their composite materials of premium faux shagreen and genuine brass but also the elegant simplicity of their shape. The hexagonal design option for both the tray and the coaster has a geometric shape which is pleasing to the eye while the rectangular option offers the same shapely and clear contours. The faux shagreen material provides all the practical utility of traditionally manufactured shagreen but without the issues of lesser durability and greater cost associated with traditionally made shagreen. Although beautifully soft and smooth to the touch, the granular texture of the surface is ideal for placing drinks upon and the brass edges of all the items provide a welcome warmth to any household.