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It has been decades since email entered our working lives and many predicted that letters would disappear for any purpose other than legal documents and birthday cards. Yet still, we are reluctant to let go of paper mail. It may seem old-fashioned to the point of being a little quaint but it remains with us in the same way that beautiful and luxurious items do. They communicate style and even when they are altered and evolve into something more fitting for modern tastes, they retain their romantic appeal.

Those who aim for the minimalist and clutter-free office will soon find themselves disappointed when they realise that not all of their clients and colleagues are as fanatically paperless as they are. The fact is that those letters, papers, leaflets, and quickly scribbled notes will all end up on your desk regardless of your best-laid plans. So too will the pens you still need to write them!

In this instance, the only way to achieve the neat and tidy workstation that you want is to have some sort of organising items to keep those pesky bits and pieces in place. And, if you’re going to do that, you may as well do it with style. This is about carefully choosing items which will enhance your work environment in a positive way and not merely decorate it for the sake of it. The time you spend at your desk is significant and it is especially important that the place where you work is a pleasing location to sit and concentrate.

Choosing a luxury item will certainly do this and there are none better than the Hex luxury accessories for the workplace such as the shagreen letter holder, paper tray and pen pot – all made with the finest faux shagreen and edged in genuine brass. The clutter of paper mail and other papers which are still a part of working life can be neatly tucked away in a Hex luxury letter holder or paper tray and they are so pleasing to the eye that at first glance, they could be mistaken for a desktop ornament. The gorgeously soft but granular texture of the shagreen is a pleasure to the touch and they are edged with premium brass in smooth, geometric contours. They give any office the old-fashioned feel of authenticity but with a fresh and modern design. The pen pot is finely crafted from the same faux shagreen and brass materials and comes in both medium and large sizes, both made in the hexagonal shape which gives so many of these shagreen accessories their striking visual appeal.

These enchanting luxury items will certainly bring you a little workplace sophistication as you sit down to begin your day. Even the busiest of days feels as if it runs more smoothly when you are working from an environment which is a pleasure to be in. To add to this, Hex luxury shagreen accessories also provide an exquisitely made ink blotter. The lustrous brass edge gives it a traditional and ornate appearance which is beautifully balanced by its light, neutrally coloured soft texture. A great addition for any desk, this item is by no means just for use with old-fashioned ink pens – it provides a fantastic surface for writing when the underlying surface of the desk is not suitable, or when it requires protection from marks and scratches. Wastepaper doesn’t need to pile up on your desk either as the Hex luxury shagreen accessories range also features an occasional bin in both hexagonal and a standard square shape. The contents of any bin may not look attractive but this item certainly does. Like all of the other items it is made from the highest quality faux shagreen and brass and the gorgeous colour is still neutral enough to complement almost any room which it is placed in. Whether your home office is for occasional or regular use, you will not regret choosing these luxury shagreen accessories.

The small things in life make a difference and this is especially true if for reasons of space, your home office has to be compact. It is also true that when you spend a lot of time working in a particular setting, that it is especially important for it to be a calm and positive area for creativity and focus. When done correctly, you can create the feel of the office but with all the comforts of home. This is no time to deny yourself those items which will enhance and improve your work environment. A little elegance in the work place can be a very good thing indeed.