Tissue Boxes - A Thing Of The Present

Searching for just the right tissue box.

Years ago, you probably would never have thought that you would be doing this right now. It is of course the nature of being a child, teenager or very young adult without domestic responsibilities that we are surrounded by so many items which we do not give a moments consideration to. If it is not shiny, loud, fun, filled with sugar or alcohol, or a way for us to get some immediate excitement or gratification in our lives then it is generally not worth considering. Yet oddly enough, we can perhaps vividly remember the look and feel of the tissue box holders that were in our parents’ houses. The look, the touch, the colour and the position – and who could forget the old, cunning trick of avoiding taking the last tissue out so that we wouldn’t have to be the ones to replace it?

There will inevitably have been enough occasions for using it: all the way from childhood tantrums to teenage angst. And of course, every winter gives us the unwanted gift of our annual cold which soon sees us work through more tissues in a week than the rest of the year combined. So, in actuality, this tiny and supposedly insignificant item still plays a role in the life of any household. By its very nature it also can’t be tucked away out of sight (“Excuse me, where do you keep your tissues?”/ “Oh, you’ll find them in right hand cupboard on the third shelf”)… so it actually makes sense to take just a bit of care when choosing the right tissue box. Actually, when you consider it, it really makes sense to at least pause for a few minutes to select an item which may stay with you for years. For an item of modest luxury, Hex shagreen accessories can provide a great many beautiful and stylish faux shagreen items for your home and one of the very best is their wonderfully crafted luxury shagreen tissue box.

You can of course go without one completely, but unless you wish to end up with half-empty packets of tissues in various drawers or surfaces then you may want to go ahead and get one. You don’t work in the marketing department of a major tissue manufacturer, so there is no need for you to exhibit their logo at all opportunities! Far better to select an item of exquisite beauty which will enhance any location in which it sits. This tissue box holder is made from the finest faux shagreen and genuine brass materials which give a lustrous feeling of style and understated luxury. It comes in either square or rectangular but both have the wonderful novelty of a hexagonally shaped dispenser. This geometrically beautiful shape is in keeping with much of the Hex luxury items range and adds to the aesthetic appeal of this gorgeous item.

The materials that go into making it are the finest available and its manufacture benefits from the wisdom of traditional craftsmanship but adapted for the 21st century. Many people search for shagreen accessories for the sumptuous feel and vintage look which these items provide. Shagreen used to be made mostly from rawhide such as sharkskin or horse hide and was selected for its naturally granular surface which provided the necessary grip for certain items. These days this method has increasingly given way to the use of faux shagreen which provides the same look for both a lower cost and a greater durability. This is not even to mention the fact that it is more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and produced without any harm to animals.  The warm and lustrous brass which edge this faux shagreen tissue box add further to the vintage look and style but the neat contours are crafted in a modern style.

You are not becoming duller as life progresses. You are a householder who is no longer satisfied with living like a student. You want your home – the surroundings that you spend so much of your time in – to project style and understated sophistication. You want the same level of care and consideration that you put into other aspects of your life to show throughout your home – and in the small things too. Anyone with a little extra cash can buy some garish ornament to overwhelm any visitor with its excessive display, but a modest selection of delicately made items of the finest quality do so much more than that. They communicate an eye for tasteful beauty and they are noticed by the people who matter – the people who also appreciate that subtle elegance is found in the small things. Hex luxury items provide shagreen accessories which project style and grace in all of their exceptional, quality items. The delicately crafted luxury accessories of the finest faux shagreen and exquisitely wrought brass are a wonderful addition to any home and this humble tissue box is no exception. It may seem trivial, but it isn’t. An item which sits in your home so conspicuously should bring you joy. It shouldn’t be something you want to hide away and you certainly won’t want to hide this wonderful luxury item.